You market a great product.  Don't let people "RUSH" you so that you have adequate time to maintain your product quality.  This is a hobby and not a hospital emergency.  A two week turnaround is very reasonable and more if you are collaborating design/color or whatever.  You mail the art copy for approval before putting out the door. That takes some time and it is well worth the extended delivery time.  You are an artist creating custom products that are unavailable from the established decal producers.  

Thanks for a nice product,


Ricky's Reply. Thank You Buzz.  It was great designing these decals with your input. Ricky

I received the decals on Monday.  Really appreciate your quick turn around! Brien W.

So far, so good. I started with an Arrow/Proto Power West undecorated plate van their number 50501. It comes in a dull finish white, but it does have the side posts already painted in silver. I masked off the whole body and sprayed the roof sheet silver. Peeled off the blue tape and hit the whole thing with Testor's gloss coat and started doing the decals. Love the way they sit on the model, along with the ease of working with them. Hit them with Solvaset and.....seemed kinda' bare. So digging though my leftover draw, red+white conspicuity tape came next, a couple of Wabash logos, high trailer and wide turn sign....almost finished. Out on a trip tonight, will shoot some pics and send them through when I get back on Friday.
Regards, John 

Ricky's Reply. Thank You John. I had fun working with you on your decal request. Hope to see more pictures soon. Ricky


Decals have arrived. They look great!

And thanks for the pen. That will be a rail memento!

Thanks for the service.

 John M.- New Zealand

Ricky's Reply.. Thanks John from across the big pond. It was my pleasure to help get your decals into reality. Thanks, Ricky

I just wanted to let you know I received your decals in the mail Saturday. As I'm sure you're already aware many times over, your decals are not only crisp but correct as well, i.e., well-sized and well-proportioned. Furthermore, you were kind enough to not only customize the road numbers, but the dimensional data as well. I am much more than merely satisfied, and will recommend your work to all my friends and anyone else I might encounter in need of decal work in the future. Make no mistake about it, you are an artist, sir.
Thank you very much, indeed.
Miles N.

Ricky's Reply.. Thanks for the good word Miles I am glad your happy with your custom decals! Thanks again. Ricky 

David Rozmarin writes:
 Thank you so much for the amazing work!  The decals turned out perfect.   I will definitely be buying more custom work in the future. 

Ricky's Reply.. Thanks for the good word David. I am glad to help your railroad empire get to where you need it in Graphics. We will get your Union Pacific- Big Red Line Decal sets for your Stock cars done soon. Thanks again. Ricky